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I am a woman who was born into a family who has had strong beliefs in maintaining their tradition, culture and faith and I survived in a different society by holding onto those values and beliefs.  I will use this blog to describe my journey, to help others to understand the difference between tradition and faith.  […]

Dear A, How are you? Hope you are ok and healthy and full of laughter, love and happiness. I want us to reflect on the past year. I want us to talk about our domestic violence situation that somehow, we ended up facing together. Let me introduce myself to you. First an apology, I thought […]

Earlier this year two ‘tribes’ of women came together to deliver a week of activities to celebrate women as part of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2021 and explore this year’s theme ‘choose to challenge’. “It came at a perfect time for me, not been involved in anything, despite wanting to” “Right […]

Over the past few months, Women’s Voices Movement group partnered with People’s Voice Media to undertake a peer research project to give voice to women’s lives during lockdown. Eight members of the group were trained in the community reporting model.  Community reporting is a storytelling movement that support people to record and share stories of […]

Women’s Voices is not just another women’s group. It brings women together and encourages peer support. It teaches us all the power of our voices and own stories. It builds understanding and respect between women, staff and services. Ultimately it is about system and service change through empowering people. And part of its success is […]

Women who’ve experienced severe disadvantage think no-one will speak up for them, but today Women’s Voices let off balloons in remembrance of the life of Celeste and other women whose lives have been lost whilst in custody. Some of us knew Celeste personally. And have felt this loss personally. This could have been any of […]