Blogging a dead horse

Finally, I’ve entered the modern world. I’ve put down the quill and parchment and picked up the keyboard. No longer will Darren Knight have to blog a dead horse, this will be the first of my regular posts.

It’s been a good couple of weeks with ICM with new peer mentors on board, a vital ingredient to our delivery, it is they that will inspire and motivate those they can empathise with, and in partnership with a strong team of workers we hope to help those help themselves and change their lives for the better. It’s taken some time but we are getting there.

MJ - blogging a dead horse

The core group are as busy as ever and their are now 19 members, I could go into what they have been doing but I’ll leave that to their own blogs, come on peeps, GET BLOGGING. This is our space to tell our stories, healthy debate and opinion, we want to hear the good and the bad.

With 3 GROW trainee posts available, many of the group are applying. Thomas Hague is presently sat to my right profusely tapping away at the keyboard to apply for one of these roles, I’m sure I can see smoke coming off his fingers, it’s not fair he can type faster than me! He’s just showing off now.

A big shout out to all involved with ICM and beyond, and I’ll be back blagging, I mean blogging soon.



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  • commented on June 15, 2015 by Karl Widdop

    Good luck to the future grow trainees with their interviews.

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