“Bob” Case Study

Bob was referred into ICM and following an assessment with our partner organisation Self-Help Services, he was identified as experiencing psychosis, depression, chronic anxiety, and PTSD. Our on-site mental health worker spent the next few months working with Bob on a 1-2-1 basis to address these issues and explore some practical coping techniques. He developed a trusting relationship with his ICM mental health worker which made him feel more comfortable discussing his mental ill health.

Throughout this time, Bob was also working with his ICM engagement worker to bid for properties on Manchester Move as well as building up a good relationship with Back on Track who purchased a tablet so he could access the virtual Hub activities that were taking place during lockdown. He was also supported with purchasing a gym membership to help his wellbeing. Once delivery of face-to-face sessions resumed, Bob began to regularly attend the Art & Wellbeing group which further strengthen his relationship with ICM and Back on Track.

“Accessing ICM has kept me alive and turned my life around” – Bob

Bob began to make good progress and had sufficient support from other services, so he was moved to “membership” as he needed less intensive support. During this time, he could still periodically access the mental health support when he needed it and weekly welfare calls were still made to see if he required any practical support.

Following a relapse with drinking, Bob was asked to leave his addiction recovery accommodation. This led to him being stepped up to higher intensive support at ICM and re-allocated an Engagement Worker. His worker then supported Bob to find suitable alternative accommodation. Throughout his journey with ICM, Bob was open and honest about his feelings. Despite a short relapse he had willingness and resilience and continued to engage with staff and try new ideas.

ICM listened to what Bob needed and worked to support him in a way that best suited his needs at that time. The membership model was particularly useful as Bob was able to access support when he needed it as opposed to having to be re-referred into the service. This open-ended support meant that the door was always open for Bob when he needed it.

*A pseudonym has been used to protect the members identity*

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