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A message from Programme Manager’s Jackie (2020- 2022) and Paul (2014- 2020) There was a huge amount of hope and enthusiasm at play in 2013 and 2014 when the Inspiring Change Manchester (ICM) programme was designed, created and launched. Focussing on the idea of a ‘fulfilled life’ for those experiencing multiple disadvantage in Manchester was […]

Today at Inspiring Change Manchester we are launching a piece of research which we have worked with Revolving Doors on. This looks at the different pathways into training, volunteering and employment for people with personal experience of multiple disadvantage across Manchester. Revolving Doors Evaluations Manager Lauren tells us about her experience working with ICM on […]

One of the main aims of the Inspiring Change Manchester (ICM) programme over the last eight years has been to change the systems that surround people experiencing multiple disadvantage – these systems include elements ranging from policies, practices and resources, to ways of thinking, relationships and power dynamics.[i] Assessing the success of this aim was […]

Over the last eight years, supporting and empowering women has been at the forefront of Inspiring Change Manchester. We are now in the final year of ICM and so this will be the last International Women’s Day we will be celebrating. We wanted to thank all the strong, creative and inspirational women who have made […]

I am a woman who was born into a family who has had strong beliefs in maintaining their tradition, culture and faith and I survived in a different society by holding onto those values and beliefs.  I will use this blog to describe my journey, to help others to understand the difference between tradition and faith.  […]

Christmas can be a fun and joyful time for many of us, but it can also bring a lot of stress, worry and pressure. We’ve put together this guide to give you some top tips & advice for keeping well over the festive period, along with some great resources for you to access whenever you […]

Find all the resources from our No Wrong Door Principle Launch week in one place
Philippa Iwnicki

Why a Flexible Fund? In developing our Fulfilling Lives Programme, Inspiring Change Manchester has adopted a ‘Flexible Fund’. This is a specific type of fund which can be used to purchase goods or services for individual clients which may not already be available to them as part of our service. Based on the principles of […]

A poem by ICM Peer Mentor and member of the Art & Wellbeing group Track I’m back, now I feel like a small crack on the wall. Black my thoughts, with spiders crawling across my mind. Lyndsey was nowhere to find. Nothing but black bags full of rags. While the tags were still on the […]

GMTHINK is the Greater Manchester Tackling Homelessness Information Network. It is a multi-agency data system used by organisations across Greater Manchester to promote partnership working to better co-ordinate support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. To help ensure that the voice of people with lived experience played a key role in developing this system, ICM set out to […]