Men’s Well-being Day Spring 2019

Report written by Nolan Bentley

It was the fourth instalment of Men’s Wellbeing day on Saturday 30/03/19 and we had planned a days bowling. 

The day started at 10am with toast, croissants, coffee and hot chocolate followed by the members helping themselves to clothing provided by kind donations from Shelter staff and the community.

Feeling Tree

Each member wrote their feelings on the feelings tree (see photo) to say how they were feeling about the day, most were happy and excited to be attending. We set off for the bowling centre at 10.30. We stopped for photos outside and then started the day.

We split into two teams with 6 players on each team. The bowling became quite competitive but everyone had a great time and it was a huge laugh especially when one player managed to bowl the ball backwards. Each team scored plenty of strikes and there was only a small difference between overall scores. The main objective of the session was fun, fun, fun.

We made our way back to the Hub and ordered pizza from Dominoes’ which went down a treat. We played some games and had a quiz with a prize for the winner. We had prepared goody bags comprising of toiletries, clothing items, food and drinks. We put some more feelings on the tree and then ended the day.

Members quotes 

Graham“It was all good, very enjoyable and everyone interacted. all good fun and spirit”

Bernard“Blinding day, top company compared to the company I am used to. Enjoyed it very much.”

Darren“It felt exciting being together as a family.”

Peter“Social interaction, enjoyable. Very good spirit”

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