No Wrong Door Animations Tender – Expressions of interest deadline: 12pm, 22nd April 2021


Inspiring Change Manchester is one of 12 Fulfilling Lives Programmes, funded by National Lottery Community Fund, exploring multiple disadvantage. We are an 8-year learning and development programme, working to instigate system change by modelling service innovations and best practice to develop equitable services for people excluded in the system. 

The films we are creating are to share this learning and leave a lasting legacy to influence those who commission, design and deliver services. 



Create a series of 4 animated films exploring the No Wrong Door approach to be used for influencing system shapers and to inform the public of the work ICM has achieved over the past 8 years. 

Each film will cover 1 area of the compact: Access, Practice, Communication, Expertise. 

Each film will be 120 seconds max, with a shorter 15/20 second social media friendly edit

Work with company , preferably with local / community / not-for-profit ethic 

Production to include elements of co-design and lived experience involvement. 


Develop film content ideas with ICM partnership team, including voices from across the programme to explain what No Wrong Door means to them and how ICM has done things differently. 

Share plan with animation studios and explore how to develop these into complete animated pictures. 

Open and public tender process; invite studios to engage through sharing on social media for open applications. Link to a blog.  

Shortlist 5 for panel selection – using scoring matrix. 

Work with animation studio to develop productions for Summer release. 


These films are being created to share the learning from ICM 

They are being used to influence changes within the system and need to capture peoples attention and inspire action to change  

We are committed to making our work accessible for all, in our use of language and messages – this needs to be pitched so that anyone can watch, listen and understand

It is being targeted at influencing decision makers it needs to inform and instruct

It needs to appeal to people’s emotions, encourage them to think and feel and act

Above all else, it needs to be humanising. Our core message is to treat all people with respect and to see the person not the label 


What matters with how it looks? 

People – it must show people – Humanising / Relationships / Kindness / Connection 

We will be using our members voices – real people –  their words. 

Diversity and Inclusion – Not all people are the same, we must acknowledge and celebrate that 

Use of colour and sound – We believe it is important to engage emotion through senses 

Sensitive around trauma and triggers 

Optimistic – this is about improving the system not dwelling on the problems 

Connection – to place (Manchester) to people (relationships) and organisations (branding) 

Accessible – meaningful and understandable for all viewer 


  • The tender process is looking to work with an animation studio whose ethos match with our own. Ideally, we would work with local company, preferably with community / not-for-profit ethic. 
  • The panel will comprise of 5 persons from across the ICM partnership and use a matrix around how well the company meets our brief, ethos and pricing. 
  • The tender will be made public through social media as well as approaching a range of appropriate potential partners found online or through peer recommendation. 


We are creating animated films so that we do not have to show people’s faces, however, we want to use the voices of our members, including staff, volunteers and services users.  Therefore, informed consent and a clear outline of our agreed usage in production and dissemination will be sought for this. 

We also need to ensure that the narrative we tell is codesigned and has buy in and commitment from our wider membership. 


As a partnership led organisation, ICM is committed to working with our team from Back on Track, Community Led Initiatives and Self-Help Services, alongside our team at Shelter. We are committed to the involvement of our membership at every stage of development. 

We will be working with the production company selected through the tendering process, who will also be committed to a partnership vision, showcasing dynamic partnership working. 

The project will be led by the ICM programme team, creating space and opportunity for involvement of the wider partnership. 

We have held development workshops in January and have had open ‘meet the animator’ sessions to help develop the vision and understanding of the process. 

The selection panel will be representative of our partnership and membership. 

Content development will also be open for member involvement, coordinated via email, Zoom meetings and through peer to peer networks, including via the ICM involvement coordinator. 

Responsibilities and timescale 

List of each milestone, who is responsible for achieving and by what deadline 

Suppliers Tasks Proposed deadline  
Selection 23rd April 
Completion 1st August 
Publication and launch 1st September (latest)


4 No Wrong Door films, 90-120 secs each 

4 shorter Social media clips 15 seconds 


We have committed £10-15k for this project. 

Tender documents (if commissioned) 

Suppliers interested in this commission are asked to submit a proposal, which will: 

  • outline their experience in this area and what expertise they would bring to this work 
  • how you propose to meet the objectives and the methods to be used to do this, including the approach to be taken to user-involvement 
  • provide a detailed timetable  
  • provide a detailed breakdown of their costs 
  • provide  a copy of one piece of published work 
  • provide evidence of how the project will address issues of data protection, equality & diversity and other ethical considerations 

Tenders should be submitted by email to: 

We are expecting to interview providers on 23rd April. We would be grateful if you could indicate your availability on these dates. If you are not available, this will not affect consideration of your tender. 

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