From Purpose to …………

So, it has been a couple of weeks since I started my job here in ICM on the program and after a little cajoling from the venerable Darren I have decided to write a short blurb about how it has gone so far.

The transition from a volunteer into paid work has been a surreal experience if I am totally honest. New regime, early mornings, intense hours of concentration and learning galore has all served to make it quite a tiring time for me but certainly a highly rewarding one. The team here at ICM have all been extremely supportive and I have no doubts that with their help I will be able to grow into my new role without any problems.

It really is amazing to think that this time last year I had all but lost any hope of ever overcoming the problems I faced. With the care and support of some incredible people I have managed to not only overcome my problems, but take myself to a place where I am breaking new ground in terms of personal achievement every single day.

For anyone reading this who is thinking about wanting to take that next step into doing some volunteering then why don’t you give ICM a thought. The core group is a service user led volunteer platform aimed specifically at giving people with lived experience a voice and helping them advance into bigger and better things.

My story is not unique and many people have now found their way from similar backgrounds into bright futures by getting involved.

Think big, join in and You Could Too.

For more information about volunteering, please contact Mark Jepson on 0344 515 1683 or email

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