Workshop picture representation of experiences and skills coming together to form a tree

Together we will be heard.

Carmen Byrne has partnered with the Women’s Voices Movement to co-produce their marketing and communications plan. Using her experience in community marketing (including women’s campaigns) Carmen is working in partnership with the Women’s Voices Movement to make sure that their message is heard, and that the movement achieve’s its goal.  She writes our International Women’s Day blog on the story so far:

Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate the achievements of women and to work towards creating a future where all women have equal opportunity in our society.

It seems fitting then, that the Women’s Voices Movement have begun a new project which will help define and plan positive changes for women with multiple and complex needs.

This is a co-produced project which puts the group in the lead – my partnership is about being a resource of community marketing and campaign skills.  It will be the Women’s Voices Movement who will build their vision for the future, and define the changes which need to be made in our local communities and services. It will be the Women’s Voices Movement who will outline their strategy, deliver their campaigns, and create content to be shared with the audiences they want to speak to.

Our first workshop used a story tree where we pinned ideas and thoughts to the tree like leaves.  Every part of the tree reflected something different- for example tree roots were about capturing the truth of what the movement means, whilst the sky looked at the bigger goals. The branches collected thoughts about messages to different audiences, calls for changes to services, and parts of different journeys.

This was an important workshop, because the finished story tree will underpin the rest of the project.  Next, we’ll be working on bringing the strategy to life- step by step.

Focusing on women for one day of the year isn’t enough for the Women’s Voices Movement, rightly so…. women’s voices should be heard every day.  That’s what we’re aiming for.

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