What Inspiring Change would you make?

Over the past few weeks the Inspiring Change Manchester Programme Team have been working on our Business Plan review.

The Business Plan review is built in to 2 yearly cycles throughout the life of Inspiring Change Manchester and gives us the chance to make any necessary changes to the programme.  The aim is to get feedback on what we can further develop to better support people with multiple needs in Manchester.

We have had a range of meetings, workshops and activities that have all been opened up to generate ideas and think about what Inspiring Change Manchester can achieve in the future.

If you’ve got any ideas or inspiration that you’d like to share that will enable us to strengthen what we’re doing with Inspiring Change Manchester, then we’d love to hear them.

You can either email us on icm@shelter.org.uk or if you’d prefer to talk your ideas through, then please ring the team on 0344 515 1595 and we can talk over the phone or you can call in.

This is your opportunity to inspire change.


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