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When it comes to co-production, we all need a little openness and honesty!

By James Found

Recently we’ve had the chance to reflect on the types of changes we have seen across Inspiring Change Manchester (ICM) through trying to meaningfully involve people with lived experience in the design and delivery of our project. Working together with our partner agency Groundswell ( we have been developing an evaluation of our involvement work, […]

Co-Production – Call it what it is!

By Tess Tainton

Tess Tainton is the Involvement Coordinator at ICM. In this blog she shares her views on the issues around correct use of the term coproduction. When I hear the word ‘co-production’ my heart sinks. It’s not because I don’t agree with it, because I do; it’s because of the conversations which surround it and the […]

Co Production Week 2020

By Charlotte Clapham

As part of Co-Production Week, Charlotte Clapham, our GROW Traineeship Development Officer at Inspiring Change Manchester, talks about the importance of coproduction, and the barriers to doing it properly. This week is co-production week, and therefore a chance for people, services and organisations around the UK to celebrate, advocate for and raise awareness of co-production. […]

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