“Track on Back”

A poem by ICM Peer Mentor and member of the Art & Wellbeing group

Track I’m back,

now I feel like a small crack on the wall.

Black my thoughts, with spiders crawling across my mind.

Lyndsey was nowhere to find.

Nothing but black bags full of rags.

While the tags were still on the house.

I could no longer deny the truth,

I’m sick of the tries,

and asking the why’s.

So, I fought, not looking back at one last site,

to my mum’s, to my nieces’ bed, thinking why did I give up everything.

In a blink of an eye, to someone who compulsively lies.

Wanting to die, but my tribe of women helped me through.

And that’s when I found Inspiring Change.

My life, I strive forward,

In my life, the pain no longer felt like a knife in my chest.

Now, I no longer have to guess what I want in my life.

ICM helps me to Inspire people for the better.

With Art and Wellbeing and Xchange,

ICM has changed me.

Women’s Voices has empowered me to speak free,

and I have a voice,

and a choice to change the system that is not right.

ICM has enabled a passion to fight,

and given me insight into people’s lives.

And thrive to find myself,

ICM has definitely done what it says.

It’s inspiring change, its defiantly inspired me to be free.

And see the opportunities of change,

and seek fame for my creative ways.

It does exactly what it says, inspiring change.

Well, it has for me,

and this is me.  

Artwork from Art & Wellbeing Group members

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