No Wrong Door Twitter Takeover!

Last week on Inspiring Change Manchester’s twitter (@inspchangemanc), we hosted a weeklong twitter launch of our No Wrong Door Principle Videos. This included releasing each of the five videos along with resources which illustrate these principles and showed how ICM embeds Access, Information, Practice and Expertise in everything we do.

We really enjoyed engaging with everyone who watched along and hearing all your comments and opinions. For anyone who missed it (or just wants to see it all again) we have put all the resources in one place, take a look!

Monday- What is No Wrong Door

The first video we released explained the concept of No Wrong Door and introduced the four principles of 1) Access 2) Information 3) Practice 4) Expertise, which we were going to explore in more detail as the week went on.

We also shared a blog post about how & why we created the videos and the No Wrong Door Compact which gives you everything you need to know about operating within these principles.

Tuesday- Access

Next up, on Tuesday we looked at the first principle of ‘Access’. This means improving and reviewing access to available support & services, so all interventions can be done in an asset-based & person-centred way.

Our Blog post from July 2018 explained the membership model that ICM developed to keep the door open for support. Then we shared a powerful case study which explored the individual journey of ‘Bob’ and the importance of open-ended support.

Wednesday- Communication & Information

The third video we released focused on Communication & Information. How we share information and communicate with members & services should always be done in a way that ensures members voices are heard.

Our multi-agency data system GMTHINK is an important part of how we share data in a person-centred way. So, we shared this blog in which Neil the co-chair of the GMTHINK Partnership explains how this works. We also put the spotlight on ICM Partner, Back on Track, by discussing their commitment to digital inclusion through IT courses and providing tablets and data during lockdown.

Thursday- Practice

On Thursday we released our video on the principle of Practice. This means being responsive to individual member needs by developing our team, using psychologically informed environments and creating a reflective environment.

We shared this amazing poem by one of our Peer Mentors which showed the impact ICM had on her. We also posted a blog discussing the freedom of the ‘Flexible Fund’ and pictures from a recent Art & Wellbeing trip to the Museum of Science & Industry to think about the ways we can be creative in how we support our members.

Friday- Expertise

Finally, on Friday we released our video on Expertise. This explained why it is important to have experts by experience involved in designing and implementing support services.

To go alongside this, we shared a Homeless Link webinar from earlier this year where our GROW Development Office and GROW Trainee discussed the GROW Traineeships. We also heard from ICM Partner Community Led Initiatives in this blog from Volunteers Week.

Thank You!

Thanks again to everyone who got involved! If you want to hear more about ICM’s work you can head over to our website, have a look at all our published reports on the Fulfilling lives website or tweet us with your feedback!

For more information, please email us on and a member of the team will get in contact.

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