Monthly Archives: June 2022

Thank you and goodbye from Inspiring Change Manchester

By Abbie Piazza

A message from Programme Manager’s Jackie (2020- 2022) and Paul (2014- 2020) There was a huge amount of hope and enthusiasm at play in 2013 and 2014 when the Inspiring Change Manchester (ICM) programme was designed, created and launched. Focussing on the idea of a ‘fulfilled life’ for those experiencing multiple disadvantage in Manchester was […]

What pathways are there for training, volunteering and employment?

By Philippa Iwnicki

Today at Inspiring Change Manchester we are launching a piece of research which we have worked with Revolving Doors on. This looks at the different pathways into training, volunteering and employment for people with personal experience of multiple disadvantage across Manchester. Revolving Doors Evaluations Manager Lauren tells us about her experience working with ICM on […]

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