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Men’s Well-being Days

Jason, Nolan and some ICM Members have been putting together days focusing on Men’s Well-being.  Men have traditionally been reluctant to share their experiences around mental health and well-being and this has a huge impact on people.All too often we hear stories of lives being cut short or emotional welfare being affected by mental ill health. Talking to one another and sharing experiences is known to help, as is taking some time out to go and have fun. ICM now runs regular Men’s Well-being Days to create safe-spaces to do this. Here’s what the group got up to over the summer.

Members got together at the ICM hub in the morning and had a chance to write down a feeling or emotion for the feelings tree – a big tree shaped display that you can put your feeling on a leaf. Most people were happy, enthusiastic and excited about what the day could bring. The group had some great activities lined up and set off on a treasure hunt with clues around the city. Everybody got to work together and were involved in finding and solving the clues which was great fun. The weather was ideal and the group proved that putting their minds together could bring joy – even if neither of the two teams won the prize! Both teams got the trophy for getting stuck in.

Looking for the Treasure

The treasure hunt made hungry tums though so the group headed to an all-you-can-eat buffet at COSMOS – Everyone looked great, and got on really well at the meal. The restaurant staff liked having the group there too. Once everyone had satisfied their appetites the group headed back to the ICM Hub to add more feelings to the feelings tree – everything shared on the tree now was very positive. To wrap the day up everyone had a goodie bag to take away with them.

Meal at COSMOS

ICM will continue to have a range of special days for Men and Women to boost their emotional well-being and most importantly have fun. Keep an eye on our twitter @inspchangemanc for more information.

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