• At a Glance – May 2017

    By Ben Whalley

    This At a Glance focuses on co-production and some of the key things that ensure the relationship between people using services, people delivering services (and the communities around both) can become powerful agents of change. There are some pieces of practical advice around how to introduce co-production or see where you, your group or organisation […]

  • ICM Forum – Adventures at the Bridgewater Hall

    By Mark Jepson

    I wanted to write a blog about our service user night out with the ICM Service User Forum.  It was arranged by our delivery partner Back on Track who were given some free tickets from the Bridgewater Hall for an orchestral piece called ‘Wall of Water’.

  • One Voice Inspired

    By Darren Scholes

    My name is Darren. I am 37 years old and I’m an addict in recovery. Simply you are reading this because of ICM; they have given me freely the gift of life. More so they have given my family their life back too.

  • Inspiring Change through Peer Mentoring

    By Stuart Spencer

    Stuart is a Peer Mentor with a wealth of insight from lived experience. He writes here about how he’s shared his experiences and inspired others.

  • Together we will be heard.

    By Carmen Byrne

  • Recruiting GROW Trainees

    By Tabatha O'Brien Butcher

    Become a GROW trainee Shelter, Community Led Initiatives (CLI) and Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH) are currently recruiting for new, exciting GROW Trainee roles!

  • WeCM

    By Mark Jepson

    How we focus on our actual beneficiaries is important as is how they are beginning to influence ICM’s service delivery.  For a long time the insight we’ve heard from experts has been from people who have been out of services for some time, and they still continue to have a significant impact to this day.

  • A Housing First Future

    By Mick Wilkinson


  • At a Glance – November 2016

    By Ben Whalley

    After a full six months of the Manchester Housing First Pilot we’ve focused our At a Glance e-bulletin on this innovative and radical approach.

  • Fighting for Real Change for Celeste

    By Women's Voices Member

    Women who’ve experienced severe disadvantage think no-one will speak up for them, but today Women’s Voices let off balloons in remembrance of the life of Celeste and other women whose lives have been lost whilst in custody. Some of us knew Celeste personally. And have felt this loss personally. This could have been any of […]

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