• Agenda’s Parliamentary Launch

    By Rachel

    Agenda is a new organisation set up to campaign on behalf of Women and Girls at risk. Their focus is on women and girls with multiple needs, their different experiences of the services available and encouraging a gendered perspective in service delivery.

  • At a glance – January 2016

    By Ben Whalley

    At a Glance is ICM’s newsletter and has lots of updates about the things that we have been involved in over the last quarter.  It has been a while since the last newsletter, but At a Glance is going to be more frequent (every three months), and will be written by people from across the partnership.

  • Housing First

    By Sarah Walters

    Inspiring Change Manchester is excited to be piloting Housing First in Manchester for our clients. Housing First ends homelessness for those with high support needs who have experienced recurrent homelessness by offering permanent accommodation together with personalised wrap-around support to help sustain the tenancy.. Until now, a ‘stepped approach’ has required tenants to progress through […]

  • Women’s Voice

    By Rachel

    The Women’s Voice Group was created to discuss and make plans for the Women’s Sector Conference which will take place on 1st March 2016. The group is made up of women core group members, peer mentors and GROW trainees – women with lived experience. We meet fortnightly and so far have had a lot of […]

  • From Purpose to …………

    By Thomas Hague

    So, it has been a couple of weeks since I started my job here in ICM on the program and after a little cajoling from the venerable Darren I have decided to write a short blurb about how it has gone so far. The transition from a volunteer into paid work has been a surreal experience […]

  • At a glance – August 2015

    By Darren Knight

    Each quarter we produce a stakeholder bulletin called ‘At a glance’ that aims to provide a round up of what has been happening across the Inspiring Change Manchester programme. This issue includes an update from Paul Pandolfo, Inspiring Change Manchester’s Programme Manager, as well as a piece from one of our Peer Mentors, Mick. There is […]

  • This blog is for anyone who may be struggling…

    By Alicia Hardy

    This blog is for anyone who may be struggling. Struggling to believe in themselves. Or to believe that change is possible.  I am living proof that it is. I am a single parent with two beautiful children with real life experience of homelessness, substance misuse and the criminal justice system that can’t be read in […]

  • From Progress to Purpose

    By Thomas Hague

    Twelve months ago I embarked on a journey to set myself free from the chains of active addiction

  • Watch this space…

    By Darren Knight

    The women’s space at the hub opened its doors for the first time on Thursday 20th August 2015.   The session ran for 2 hours between 10:30am and 12:30pm and was a huge success and we’re pleased to report that it was attended by five women from the Inspiring Change Manchester programme.   Four women […]

  • My Inspiring Change…

    By Sascha Mcdermott

    My journey began with Inspiring Change Manchester in September 2014. I’d tried volunteering at numerous organisations but knew I was searching for somewhere my experience could be used to help others. So when I heard of ICM it fit all the criteria I was looking for as it involved being part of a team that worked […]

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