• This blog is for anyone who may be struggling…

    By Alicia Hardy

    This blog is for anyone who may be struggling. Struggling to believe in themselves. Or to believe that change is possible.  I am living proof that it is. I am a single parent with two beautiful children with real life experience of homelessness, substance misuse and the criminal justice system that can’t be read in […]

  • From Progress to Purpose

    By Thomas Hague

    Twelve months ago I embarked on a journey to set myself free from the chains of active addiction

  • Watch this space…

    By Darren Knight

    The women’s space at the hub opened its doors for the first time on Thursday 20th August 2015.   The session ran for 2 hours between 10:30am and 12:30pm and was a huge success and we’re pleased to report that it was attended by five women from the Inspiring Change Manchester programme.   Four women […]

  • My Inspiring Change…

    By Sascha Mcdermott

    My journey began with Inspiring Change Manchester in September 2014. I’d tried volunteering at numerous organisations but knew I was searching for somewhere my experience could be used to help others. So when I heard of ICM it fit all the criteria I was looking for as it involved being part of a team that worked […]

  • A coproduced production on coproduction

    By Mark Jepson

  • What Inspiring Change would you make?

    By Darren Knight

    Over the past few weeks the Inspiring Change Manchester Programme Team have been working on our Business Plan review. The Business Plan review is built in to 2 yearly cycles throughout the life of Inspiring Change Manchester and gives us the chance to make any necessary changes to the programme.  The aim is to get feedback on […]

  • Blogging a dead horse

    By Mark Jepson

  • From pavement to progress

    By Thomas Hague

    For someone like myself making progress in life once felt impossible.

  • Giving people with lived experience a voice

    By Darren Knight

    This blog has been created so that real voices, real experiences and real impact is made, through sharing stories from across all aspects of Inspiring Change Manchester. This blog has been developed and is owned by the Inspiring Change Manchester Core Group, in order to enable them to share their own stories and experiences as well as […]

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