No Wrong Door Twitter Takeover!

by Philippa Iwnicki

Find all the resources from our No Wrong Door Principle Launch week in one place
Philippa Iwnicki


  • The ICM Flexible Fund

    By Abbie Piazza

    Why a Flexible Fund? In developing our Fulfilling Lives Programme, Inspiring Change Manchester has adopted a ‘Flexible Fund’. This is a specific type of fund which can be used to purchase goods or services for individual clients which may not already be available to them as part of our service. Based on the principles of […]

  • “Track on Back”

    By Art and Wellbeing Group

    A poem by ICM Peer Mentor and member of the Art & Wellbeing group Track I’m back, now I feel like a small crack on the wall. Black my thoughts, with spiders crawling across my mind. Lyndsey was nowhere to find. Nothing but black bags full of rags. While the tags were still on the […]

  • Co-chairing the GMTHINK Steering Group

    By Neil Daley

    GMTHINK is the Greater Manchester Tackling Homelessness Information Network. It is a multi-agency data system used by organisations across Greater Manchester to promote partnership working to better co-ordinate support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. To help ensure that the voice of people with lived experience played a key role in developing this system, ICM set out to […]

  • “Bob” Case Study

    By Anonymous

    Bob was referred into ICM and following an assessment with our partner organisation Self-Help Services, he was identified as experiencing psychosis, depression, chronic anxiety, and PTSD. Our on-site mental health worker spent the next few months working with Bob on a 1-2-1 basis to address these issues and explore some practical coping techniques. He developed […]

  • Watch and Learn- The Launch of Our No Wrong Door Principle Videos

    By Philippa Iwnicki

    You might have already heard of the concept of ‘No Wrong Door’, but have you ever really thought about what this means in practise and how to use it? Early on into our programme and as part of our test and learn approach we explored how to address some of the barriers the people we […]

  • World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

    By Tess Tainton

    It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and, as last year, I wanted to reflect on my own experience of this often-avoided topic. Last year I wrote about the impact of referring to a suicide attempt as “failed” and how it ought to be described as “survived”. This feeds in nicely with the theme of this years […]

  • “A Chance To Have a Voice”

    By Women's Voices Member

    Dear A, How are you? Hope you are ok and healthy and full of laughter, love and happiness. I want us to reflect on the past year. I want us to talk about our domestic violence situation that somehow, we ended up facing together. Let me introduce myself to you. First an apology, I thought […]

  • New to Inspiring Change Manchester

    By Amina Dualeh

    Hi all, my name is Amina Dualeh, I am the Programme Administrator at Inspiring Change Manchester [ICM]. I joined the team in March 2021, and I can honestly say that I wish I had joined earlier. I have been working at Shelter as a Service Administrator, where my language skills have come in useful for […]

  • Learning from ICM’s coproduction journey

    By James Found

    For the last 2 years ICM has been working with Groundswell ( to help us to reflect on our coproduction journey and consider, as a City, where we should be going next. A lot has happened in that time and the world feels like a slightly different place now but through it all we didn’t […]

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